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Mindie Kniss

Professional Coach & Writer

Mindie Kniss coaches men who are "Rich at Work / Broke at Heart."  She combines her experience as a personal coach, adventure trip guide, and inspirational writer to offer private coaching and small group retreats, in addition to experiential wilderness sessions.

In 2006, Mindie was awarded the prestigious Global Health Fellowship based on her work with women and children in developing nations.  She lived and worked in Kenya developing sustainable jobs for women in East Africa, supporting HIV/AIDS prevention strategies and teaching at a school in the slums of Kibera.

In 2007, she was laid off (for the second time) from a Fortune100 gig and used that event as the catalyst to open a life coaching practice.

She holds a BA in Theology and an MFA in Creative Writing.

Her forthcoming book, Rich at Work / Broke at Heart, will be available Spring 2013.  She is Founding Editor of Awaken Consciousness Magazine and her writing can be found on various blogs around the web.

Mindie lives with her husband in Phoenix, Arizona.

Connect with Mindie on Twitter, Facebook, or through her website:  MindieKniss.com.

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